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Welcome to Home Loan Source for Superior Residential Lending!

We are a California Mortgage Banker offering great rates and service on conventional, FHA home purchase and refinance products to homeowners nationwide. Home Loan Source Residential Lending's approach to lending is simple, offer low rates, close your loan in 30 days or less and give you a loan that meets every one of your family's needs. Home Loan Source's approach to lending maybe simple but our customers seem to appreciate the simplicity and that's why our customers keep coming back and so do their friends and family.

A mortgage on a home. What do those words mean to you?

If you're like many, the words "mortgage loan" don't mean what they used to. Somehow they have changed. They have come to mean complicated. With all of the fly-by-night lenders offering zero down mortgages to people without steady employment, foreclosures caused the housing market to spiral. If you ask the old-school mortgage pros at Home Loan Source - that's a shame. Because not long ago, getting a home loan was the first step at the dream of homeownership. If we can't do it or friends at Home Loan Wholesale can offer you a subprime home loan if your credit scores are not up to par. We still offer home mortgages without all the hassles and headaches that most lenders offer.